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New Methylene Blue Blood Stain (Schalm Method) 10kb
Instructions for use of 63C & 92C Grubbing Tongs 8kb
 Precautions for the Wisconsin Mastitis Field Test 27kb
 Directions for the Wisconsin Mastitis Test Field Kit 28kb
 Estimation of Somatic Cells in Milk by means of WMT Equipment 51kb
 Calf-Teria Pail (04500): Nipple & Valve Assembly 15kb
 PigSaver and LambSaver: Nipple & Valve Assembly 20kb
Rhinehart X-40 & X-50 Manual
*Update Notice for X-50 Dehorner - Appendix to Model X-50 Dehorner instruction:
Heat Control Lever operation: Set the lever to the ā€œDā€ position for Dehorning operations. Set the lever to the ā€œSā€ position for Soldering operations.
Rhinehart X-30 Manual 4MB

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