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Available Accessories

Rhinehart Development Corporation has been manufacturing several quality building product accessories for the pre-fabricated metal building industry. This is a list of our standard items. Please contact us with your particular dimensions and angles*.

B&C/ Weld Washers – 16 gauge, 3/8” diameter hole
F Washers – 16 gauge, 3/8” diameter hole

Flat/ Recessed Sump Pan (Galvanized)
Available in standard 29.875” x 33.875” x 1.50” deep or 39.250” x 39.250” in various depths up to 3 inches.

Specialized Sump Pans available in any depth and size to your particular specifications.

Pour Stop **

Ridge/ Valley Plate**
Cell Closures**
Column Closure – 12” x 24” Flat Plates (Galvanized)
Side Closure**
Expansion Joint Closure**
Girder Filler**
Filler Sheet**
Flat Plate**
Standing Seam Roof System Accessories – Gutter Hangers, Rake Clips, Seamer Tools, Panel Modularity Tools

* All parts shown can be made to any configuration.
  Please contact us with specifications for dimensions and angles.

** Overall length of parts can not exceed 10 feet.